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George LeMieux calls out Cuba

George LeMieux is criticizing Cuba for detaining a U.S. contractor who was distributing cell phones and laptop computers on the island.

"This is clear evidence the Cuba regime continues to stifle dissent and oppress the basic human rights of its people," LeMieux said in a statement over the weekend, adding that the detention underscores the "need to maintain critical democracy funding in the midst of this crackdown" -- and that it should "serve as a warning to those who advocate increasing tourism travel to Cuba before the regime makes progress on its human rights record."


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Tampa Tom

Maybe Cuba doesn't like outsider interference?
They are a sovereign country and if someone is responsible for putting together a network of dissenters aimed at overthrowing the Government,How would our Government act,heck we all know how the Republican party would act,dissenters at GOP convention were thrown out and protesters were kept over 2 miles away!

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