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How Bob Graham could have changed Al Gore's life

Thumb Syndicated columnist Mark Shields writes: Based only on a strong hunch, I'm willing to bet that if Al Gore could change one decision in his public life, it would be that, as the 2000 Democratic presidential nominee, he would have asked then-U.S. Sen. Bob Graham of Florida -- not Joe Lieberman of Connecticut -- to be his vice presidential running-mate.Think about it: Gore lost the White House because, by the "official" count, he lost Florida by 537 votes out of nearly 6 million cast. Graham, who never lost a Florida election and was twice elected the state's governor and three times U.S. senator (and who had the sense and strength in 2002 to oppose the U.S. going to war against Iraq), would undoubtedly have guaranteed Gore's winning the Sunshine State's 25 electoral votes and the White House. A Gore-Graham 2000 ticket would have meant, simply, that there would never have been either a President George W. Bush or a Vice President Dick Cheney.

This is not a new theory, of course, but I bet some Democrats think it bears repeating. Shields' full column -- which is mostly about Lieberman and his role in the current healthcare debate -- is here.


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Wouldn't have worked, two geeks and policy wonks. They would've drove eachother crazy or every American would've asked, "Why isn't Bob Graham the President?"


Bob Graham has won every election he's ever been in, but when he ran for president in 2004 I think it showed how his power in the state had dwindled. It might have helped in 2000, but that's simply speculation. I don't think Graham would have carried the state.


I think he is right. Graham would have been good for a few thousand more votes, at least. Plus, what did Lieberman really bring to that ticket?

And battling Lieberman at every turn would sure be easier if he hadn't been the vice presidential nominee 8 years back

By the way

There are more would-have's and could-have's in this article then at Gulfstream

Denny R. Wood

Bob Graham would have carried Florida. In the mid-1970's Bob Graham made me famous as a pro bono lobbyist for people with disabilities. With his help we altered the way we built buildings, and addressed with laws all type of discrimination in insurance and employment and much more. When he ran for governor the first time only 4% recognized his name in an early poll. People with disabilities, across the state passed the word on Bob Graham and how he was so instrumental with the disability laws of 1974, 75 and 76. Had Graham been on the ticket, we would have swung into action again. We do not forget those who helped lift us up. People with disabilities can influence any election in Florida. Watch us move Ferre out of the "dark horse" status in the U.S. Senate race. We have already began spreading the word that we, people with disabilities and our supporters are supporting Maurice Ferre for the U.S.Senate. Senator Dempsy Baron once stated it would be "a cold day in Hell before Ken Jenne would be President of the Senate". And I say Crist or Rubio will not win the U.S. Senate seat in 2010. Denny R. Wood www.dignity4disabled.com, dignity4@comcast.net

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