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McCollum, Sink ethics complaints also dismissed

The Commission on Ethics on Friday also dismissed complaints against Attorney General Bill McCollum and Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink, the two leading candidates for governor in 2010, over their use of state-owned aircraft for trips to and from their homes and, in Sink's case, for flights that occasionally involved family members.

The complaints were sparked by Times/Herald accounts in June that documented dozens of cases in which the two statewide officials used the planes for commuting or at times commingled political and business travels. But Florida law only prohibits  public officials from using state planes "solely" for furthering their candidacies. As special advocate Craig Willis noted in his report on the Sink case: "There have been, apparently, no trips using state planes solely for the purpose of furthering her candidacy."

Sink issued this statement: "I appreciate the Ethics Commission's thorough review of the facts in this case and I am pleased the commission found no cause to support the complaint."

-- Steve Bousquet


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Well, perhaps the ethics language should tighten up. Unless plan use is related to pressing state business, there is no reason whatsoever that taxpayers should underwrite such excess. Two sorry candidates for governor--one who should be watching our money and the other who should be cleaning up corruption--being investigated for ethics violations. Innocent on a technicality but guilty ethically. Vote for Dockery!

Chef Love

Who is on the Ethics Commission? How does someone contact them? Can't find them on any Govt. web sight. Have they EVER found that ANYONE violated ethical guidelines? All I ever hear is that they cleared another sewer rat politican. Who are they accountable to?

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