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MSNBC host apologizes for going off on Debbie Wasserman Schultz

MSNBC host Dylan Ratigan today apologized for a rather testy interview Friday with Debbie Wasserman Schultz. At one point, the Broward Democrat suggests Ratigan "could be your own guest" as he rattled on, answering his own question.


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Unfortunately, much as I want to support W-S, I understand Dylan Ratigan's refusal to accept a gobblygook response from her.

This health bill is a disgrace, compared to what is really needed in America.

I'd have much more respect for the Democrats if they had 'sacked-up' and told us, "America, we'll accept a set-back before we let a watered-down Bill pass, simply so we can say, "Mission accomplished."

I understand the political damage this may have caused, but as far as I can see this Bill simply rewards the insurance companies while allowing the Dems' to claim victory over passing a weak "reform."

Robert Berthaut

Although Mr. Ratigan's treatment of Ms. Schultz was unquestionably abrupt, I think it was improper to halve and re-assign his show to another time slot. A public apology would have sufficed in this matter; but, sadly the corporate chicken trust which controls the media had to exact its craven, petty punishment. Pusillanimous panderers that they are!

JP Knight

She is just getting a taste of her own medicine as usually DWS is her own interviewer; she simply ignores whatever questions are put to her and says what she wanted to say, always of course advocating hard-left socialist policies and an omnipotent Federal government.


Go Debbie! She handled herself quite well.

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