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Poll: 55% support Fair Districts, 35% unsure

More from that AIF/Zogby poll of likely Florida voters (MoE +/- 3.5%): Read the ballot language for the Fair Districts amendment calling for compact districts not drawn to favor any party or candidate, 36.9 percent said they strongly support; 18 percent said somewhat support; 1.9 percent somewhat opposed; 6.8 percent strongly opposed; and 35.3 percent did not know enough to answer.

And this: Currently, if workers want to form a union, they sign special cards, and if at least 30% of the employees do so, a secret ballot is held to determine if a union will be formed or not.  If 50% sign the cards, the employer can choose to recognize the union, or if not, the employees can then vote.  A proposed federal law would change these rules.  Under the proposed legislation, if 50% of employees sign cards, the union is automatically created and recognized.  Do you support or oppose this legislation, known as Card Check?

26.9 strongly support; 13.6 percent somewhat support; 12.6 percent somewhat oppose; 37.6% strongly oppose.

-- Adam C. Smith