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Poll: Crist leads Rubio by 9; half unsure between McCollum/Dockery

More from that Associated Industries/Zogby poll of Dec. 7-11 poll of likely voters (5.7% MoE for GOP primary): Charlie Crist 45%, Marco Rubio 36.4%, 16.4% not sure.

The Republican primary for governor is particularly interesting. Bill McCollum overwhelmingly leads Paula Dockery, 38.2% to 7.2%, but a whopping 48.9% said they were not sure.

-- Adam C. Smith


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Tampa Tom

Just incredible how far off,in favor of the extremist that Murdoch's Rasmussen reports is.
I will be so glad if/when we can get back to
honesty and FACT based news.
Dec 16 Rasmussen falsely claimed Crist 43
Rubio 43

Ron Ogletree

Get your facts straight Tom. Zogby polled all likely voters, Rasmussen polled likely Republican voters. The primary is before the general but maybe that doesn't matter much to you.

Maybe the poll Ras relesed the next day will make blood shoot from your eyes.

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