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Senior adviser gone from Paula Dockery campaign

Senior adviser/pollster David Hill confirms he's no longer working with the Paula Dockery campaign for governor.

"The campaign is up and running smoothly and has a very strong leadership team and candidate, so there is no need for my counsel and assistance," Hill wrote today in an e-mail to the Times. "I am focused on other 2010 commitments, particularly the Meg Whitman (gubernatorial) campaign in California and Terry Branstad's campaign for governor of Iowa."

Dockery responded to the announcement with a statement: "David Hill is a long-time family friend who provided wise counsel during last summer’s four-month Draft Dockery effort. Doc and I are eternally grateful for his help in building a strong and dynamic campaign team. A formal announcement of the team’s leaders and their roles will be made after the first of the year."


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Paula is a pro-choice, free spending liberal who stands with trial lawyers instead of citizens and doctors and business owners. She is completely out of touch with Republican Primary voters in the state of Florida.


Paula is a pro-life, fiscally conservative moderate who stands with the people of Florida against the corruption of corporate greed at every level of Florida government. She is completely in touch with what real Republican primary voters in the state of Florida want and need.


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