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State asking for Avis fee money refund -- from state workers

Here's an interesting side note to today’s story about Avis’ agreement to refund some “Plate Pass” charges that were charged even on days customers didn't use the toll payment service.

From our review of several agencies’ travel records, it seems Avis is the company of choice when an agency head rents a car. There are multiple charges for tolls under the heading of Avis.

Is the state asking for its money back?

According to Attorney General spokeswoman Sandi Copes, it already has – from the employees themselves.

Copes isn’t sure about other agencies, but she had to cut the state a check for several days worth of charges after one trip she made. She used the Plate Pass on the first day of her trip when she realized it was 9 p.m., she didn’t have any cash and there was nowhere to stop. She paid the tolls with cash for the rest of the trip.

“I ended up having to write the check to the state,” Copes said. “The charges were ultimately billed to the individual employee.”


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