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The real story behind the Diaz-Balarts' pulled endorsement?

Images In September, U.S. Rep. Lincoln Diaz-Balart of Miami took an interest in a judicial vacancy all the way in Gadsden County in north Florida. He wrote a letter -- read it here Download SKMBT_C35309122216360 -- urging Gov. Charlie Crist to appoint Frank Allman Jr., an assistant state attorney. Allman says he's a friend of Diaz-Balart's son, a student at Florida State University, but didn't want to comment further on their relationship.

But in October, Crist chose Kathy Garner and made history. She's the first woman and the first African-American judge in the predominantly black county. Crist put her appointment on hold after staff learned of "financial issues." Garner said the delay was because she had been late in paying property taxes on several commercial properties.

About two weeks later, Crist removed the hold and Garner was sworn in. Could this be the reason Diaz-Balart and his brother, Mario Diaz-Balart have pulled their early endorsement of Crist for U.S. Senate?


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This is definitely not the reason Diaz-Balart pulled his support. His son is a great guy and great student and was an intern for Frank Allman, who is a duly qualified candidate for the judicial position he sought. I do not know Rep. Diaz-Balart, but if he is half the individual his son is, he would not be upset over something so trivial to withdraw his support of Gov. Crist.


Beth, your headline says "the real story". Since when is your conjecture "the real story"?


Crist is a horrific disaster

Broward News

Let's get this straight. You do not know either of the Diaz-Balart's but you know somebody who knows somebody who knows them. You sheeple are real lemmings.

Jeff Garcia

Who cares about the Diaz-Balarts? Why don't they just go down to Cuba and start a revolution? They could care less about anything else. They are the worst.

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