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Unions deliver the bad news to Dockery: SunRail deal

Mike Williams, president of the AFL-CIO, just left Sen. Paula Dockery's office after delivering a bombshell: They're about to reach an accord on union workers at SunRail. So Democrats in the Senate might vote for the rail bill.

That means they can roll it over to third reading and pas it out of the chamber.

Is the session over?

Not necessarily. There's resistance to the deal in the House. So even if the Senate passes the legislation, it won't look like the House version and leaders will meet in conference. Some House Republicans are no fans of the unions, or the fact that the Senate might change the agreement heading into the session. The House had rejected union language last month before the session was called.

"While things are open to negotiation in a session, we had a deal," Rep. Carlos Lopez Cantera, the Republican whip, said yesterday when we asked about the emerging union deal. "And a deal's, a deal is a deal."


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