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Will Fort Lauderdale Police Chief turn over his cell phone records?

There is an interesting post today on the courthouse gossip JAAblog that alleges that Fort Lauderdale Police Chief Frank Adderley was at a car crash scene along with Scott Rothstein. Moe Sohail,  Rothstein's cigar shop owner buddy, was involved in the crash.

The question is why Adderley -- if that's him in the photo at the scene -- reported to the car crash and who summoned him there.

Mayor Jack Seiler said that he asked city manager George Gretsas to look into it and examine police records and the chief's cell phone records. But city attorney Harry Stewart said that since Adderley receives a cell phone allowance -- not a city-issued cell phone or a reimbursement -- his cell phone records are private.

So from a "technical legal standpoint" Adderley doesn't have to turn over his cell phone records, Stewart said.

However, "if the manager asks for his information and it's not forthcoming that may play into his evaluation."

Seiler has said he has asked Adderley in the past about his relationship with Rothstein and he said that while he ate at Bova Thursdays, he paid his own way and that he wasn't that close with the lawyer.

Seiler said if there was any wrongdoing, the city won't cover it up.

"We will get to the bottom of it and find out if it was appropriate for him to be there or not," Seiler said. "Our police department and our police chief have conducted themselves in a very professional manner."

Police Sgt. Frank Sousa said he doesn't know if the chief will turn over his phone records to Gretsas.