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Bill McCollum's vision of a better Florida

Attorney General Bill McCollum, the leading Republican candidate for governor, offered his vision of a better state at the annual AP editors' seminar. In his familiar crisp speaking style, McCollum gave a shortened version of his stump speech, that Florida needs to broaden its tourism and ag-dominated economy and confront three issues facing the state: property insurance, property taxes and water.

He contrasted himself with Democratic rival Alex Sink, the chief financial officer, calling her a "national Democrat" who thinks it is government's responsibility to create jobs. "It's not government that creates jobs. It's the private sector," McCollum said.

Before McCollum's arrival, Sink's campaign circulated an eight-page circular criticizing his votes as a 20-year member of Congress on issues such as opposing a higher minimum wage and supporting an increased national debt. "I'm proud of my record as a Congressman," McCollum said, listing only two exceptions: he "naively" opposed a Martin Luther King Jr. holiday and he backed President Reagan's increase in taxes. "I thought that was a mistake," McCollum said. "I promised myself I'd never put my finger in the wind again."      

McCollum spoke on a day when a new Quinnipiac University poll showed him with a double-digit lead over Sink. McCollum attributed the poll advantage to the work of the attorney general's office on issues such as chasing after child predators and street gangs.

--Steve Bousquet


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Paula Dockery a candidate for FL Governor is possibly the Chief Executive that We the People need to get our state back on track.

Bill McCollum's record as State Attorney General should be closely examined. The State AG's office is known to be incompetent and has failed to enforce the law. Numerous Floridian' refer to McCollum as "Blow Off" Bill McCollum, as that is what a citizen gets from the AG's office staff when reporting unlawful acts.

The mortgage fraud in this state was rampant under McCollum's watch, the result severely damaged the Florida economy.

Bill McCollum is a lifetime politician who exemplifies how non-performing government employees manage to keep their jobs through political jockeying.

McCollum's economic goals detailed on his candidacy web site are "bullet points" in which he has no experience in creating one job, let alone millions of high tech jobs necessary to build a real economic future for this State.

The AG Office's work to bring child predators to justice in an effort to protect children as well as work to stop street gang violence is necessary and commendable, but McCollum's involvement is nothing more than political. McCollum's action here is truly political as the AG's office does not tirelessly work to protect all interests of all Florida citizens.

In fact, research the fact that the AG's office charges the State of Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) for the AG's legal "services' in DCF matters. The AG's Office runs itself like a large law firm "billing time" versus performing its duties to uphold the law. The motivation is "money" and not "justice" The AG's office gauges its performance based on billable time and not by the number of criminals put behind bars.

As for FL Governor, Paula Dockery is a candidate worth considering. Say NO to McCollum.

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