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Chicago Cubs snub Crist

So much for Gov. Charlie Crist's press conference at 2:15 p.m. today about spring training baseball in Naples. The Chicago Tribune is reporting that the Chicago Cubs decided to remain in Arizona instead of coming to Florida. Snubbed, ouch.


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he lied too , he put 7% sales tax on cell phones house ohones electricity and correctional phone calling add that up he also put his wife and her children on his free healthcare and they live in New York with thier father who owns a jet liner company Christ is one of the biggest liars there our he should be voted out


The baseball fan in me says this is a good thing. Arizona's economy is hurting and the Cubs are a big spring training draw year in and year out. With the Yankees and several other high profile teams already in Florida, the Cubs weren't really needed. Granted, I realize the Florida economy is also struggling - just don't see the Cubs making an impact on that.

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