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Dockery defines her financial commitment

After unveiling her ethics legislation today, Sen. Paula Dockery said she expects her campaign for governor will not be getting the large checks from special interests because of her anti-establishment, independent message.

She was asked whether she had decided how much of her own financial wealth she would contribute to her push to become the Republican nominee. "I'm confident that it may not add up to big dollars but enough people are going to put in enough small contributions and we're going to run a truly grassroots campaign. If I determine we're going to need dollars to get my message out, I'll assess that at the time -- but it's not my intention.

"I don’t want to be governor badly enough that I’m going to have to throw a lot of money in to get there,’’ she said. "I want to run for governor to give people the opportunity to have a fighter and a reformer and an independent-minded person as a choice."


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Let us as citizens of Florida work together give the establishment and career politicians a run for their money. We Florida citizens need to take this state away from special interests and give it back to its citizens. Are you fellow citizens going to stand up and protect the state, our rights and our future? I am.

We need to build a new Florida with a "renewed" economy that benefits everyone who seeks economic growth and business opportunity. Let the citizens demand that State Government operating costs are reduced, reduce taxes and build a new and better economy for Florida.

Paula, you have my vote. You have more than a chance to win this race.

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