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Fresen, Rivera, Roberson bound for Haiti

Miami representatives Erik Fresen, David Rivera and Yolly Roberson are heading to Haiti this morning on a one-day mission to deliver medical supplies and a $45,000 check to the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund. The donations were collected by the ACE Foundation, a nonprofit charter-school support group that Fresen chairs.


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stay home

It's nice that they want to help and they raised money. But I think all these politicians should just stay home and let the real people get the work done that is so badly needed in Haiti. These guys are just trying to make themselves look good.

appreciative constituent


Don't be a cynical jerk!
What did you do to help?

God bless them!
Be safe and thank you for your selfless act of kindness, and the time you are taking away from your own lives and away from your families.

Yolly, Eric and David, on behalf of your constituents who know how hard you work for us, thank you for representing Florida so well.
We are proud of you!

Clint Bower

I think that what these 3 outstanding State Legislators are doing is fantastic. The mere presence of these leaders helps draw attention to the plight of the people of Haiti. They are setting politics aside and doing so in a bi-partisan manner. All of us in Florida should be appreciative of the leadership these representatives of Miami-Dade County are displaying. We can only hope that they relay their experience to their peers up in Tallahassee.

Gloria Johnson

Idiot! Do you think those in need in Haiti care who the help comes from. Also consider this: If a "celebrity" type goes it brings more attention to the cause. Bet if it was your favorite country singer you'd be all for it!

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