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Jim Greer warns GOP to reject 'purity test'

Dear RNC members,

As you may be aware, I recently announced that I would be stepping down effective February 20 as Chairman of the Republican Party of Florida.  This decision, although difficult, was made in an effort to unify our Party and in hopes of getting Florida Republicans focused on electing Republicans to office this coming November, which must always be our primary objective. It is has been a great privilege to not only serve as Florida's Chairman, but also as a member of the RNC. I have enjoyed working with many of you, especially Paul Senft, Florida's National Committeeman, and I was humbled and honored to be elected Chairman of the Standing Committee on Rules and I wish my successor the very best.

I would also like to take this opportunity to convey my thoughts regarding the future of our Party, and in particular, current issues involving the RNC and our leadership. The Republican Party has great opportunities before it and our Party's belief in less government, less taxes and self responsibility is one in which Americans are once again embracing which can lead the GOP to many victories this November. But we must also be a Party that is inclusive and committed to providing solutions to the challenges that American's are facing, which, as we all know, is the economy and jobs. For our Party to be successful, we must reject those who promote division, personal attacks and the constant drum beat of Moderates vs. Conservatives. We must talk about the issues and policies and not individuals.  We must recognize that the opposition is not within our own Party, but the Democrats and their policies.  We must also do all we can to make African Americans and Hispanics feel welcome in the Republican Party. With this in mind, I encourage the RNC to oppose any attempt to create a "purity test", to do so would slam the door in the face of Independents and all voters that may be considering to join or coming back to the Republican Party.

Finally, I wish to commend Chairman Steele on his leadership and thank him for allowing me to serve as a member of his leadership team. I look forward to celebrating Republican victories with all Republican's this coming November.

Warmest Regards,

Jim Greer

Chairman, Republican Party of Florida