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McCollum pushes for a litigation fee cap

In a letter today to the State Board of Administration, Attorney General Bill McCollum offered a preview of his top legislative priority: putting a $50 million cap on the fees attorneys can earn while litigating cases for the state.

His letter to SBA Executive Director Ash Williams asks for a briefing at tomorrow's cabinet meeting on the progress of the state's to hire outside counsel for the state's pension fund, a plum assignment. Five firms are still in the running. McCollum wants the cap to apply to the attorneys eventually hired by the SBA. 

The Republican gubernatorial candidate is expected to emphasize the point again at a 12:30 p.m. press conference Tuesday with state Sen. John Thrasher, a St. Augustine Republican with a bone to pick against trial lawyers after his recent special election. Similar legislation passed the House last year but failed in the Senate.


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I am all for stopping law firms representing the State taking us citizens for a ride. But, Bill McCollum is just doing his usual political grandstanding. McCollum could care less about the citizens of Florida.

Paula Dockery a candidate for FL Governor is possibly the Chief Executive that We the People need to get our state back on track.

Bill McCollum's record as State Attorney General should be closely examined. The State AG's office is known to be incompetent and has failed to enforce the law. The mortgage fraud in this state was rampant under McCollum's watch, the result severely damaged the Florida economy.

Bill McCollum is a lifetime politician who exemplifies how non-performing government employees manage to keep their jobs through political jockeying.

McCollum's economic goals detailed on his candidacy web site are "bullet points" in which he has no experience in creating one job, let alone millions of high tech jobs necessary to build a real economic future for this State.

McCollum's latest effort to cap attorney fees certainly will not win him any votes from members of the Florida Bar or informed Florida citizens.

Paula Dockery is a candidate worth considering. Dockery has a track record of fighting for Florida citizens' right to have a financially responsible state government.

Say NO to McCollum.

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