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Meek takes aim at Charlie Crist

U.S. Rep. Kendrick Meek, a Democrat, dodged the question about which Republican he rather face in the 2010 U.S. Senate: Gov. Charlie Crist or former House Speaker Marco Rubio. But if his rhetoric is any indication, Meek feels Crist has weaknesses.

In a briefing with the capitol press corps, Meek said Crist isn't "prepared to lead this state in the United States Senate. One, he doesn’t like to make a decision. Two, he’s very vague. And three, I believe he’s more politician than leader."

Meek emphasized his 98 percent attendance record in Congress and his hard-work ethic in contrast to Crist's "one-meeting days" and photo-op sea-turtle releases.

And he said the Crist campaign's press release today declaring he would fight for "pro-life legislative efforts" is just "catering to voters who will turn out in the Republican primary."

"If any Floridian was to ask the governor, ‘How do you feel about health care?’ the governor’s response would be, ‘How do you feel about health care?’ That’s the politics that should not be involved in leadership here,” Meek added.

For more Meek on the issues, read below.

On health care: "The health care bill is a first step," he said. Meek doesn't expect the President to receive a final bill before the State of the Union "unless they set the State of the Union back." Meek said he couldn't share more details about the House-Senate compromise being worked out by Democratic leadership because he doesn't know anything -- which only fuels a current GOP talking point about a lack of transparency in the health care debate.

On Democratic departures in Washington: Meek suggested the recent wave of retirements is a part of the anti-incumbent tide. And he feels it could hurt Crist -- though didn't address the fact he is an elected politician -- an incumbent -- at the moment too.

Meek campaign strategy: He said his Senate campaign is mirroring his previous efforts to pass the class-size amendment that fought "(Gov. Jeb) Bush machine at it's strongest point." He doesn't plan to write off North Florida, a typically GOP bastion, either. He said he is traveling to Escambia County today, his fourth time. It's part of how his campaign is different, he argued. Meek launched his campaign a year ago -- formally announcing much earlier than is typical -- and is already operating five campaign offices statewide. He said he doesn't mind all the current attention on the Crist-Rubio battle, calling his a "stealth campaign."


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George Sanaste

Cronyism by Charlie Crist used to cover-up environmental crimes on Marco Island.

All of the following are facts – there is no speculation or conjecture. Every element can be substantiated with documents, newspaper articles, pictures, videos and by first-hand accounts.

In 2004 the City of Marco Island undertook a project to expand Collier Boulevard – the island’s major thoroughfare.

Then in 2005 the City of Marco Island decided to expand a sewer system and force the use of the expanded sewer system on the remaining houses that were still on septic tanks. This decision became highly contentious because it violated the City charter – a $400million dollar project undertaken without a referendum and based on what was proven to be lies: that septic tanks were polluting the waterways.

The proponent of this project was Bill Moss, the then city manager, Rony Joel, the public works director, and their handlers (people that told them what to do, when to do it, and what to say): Monty Lazarus, Terick Aziz, Craig Woodward, John Arceri and others – collectively known as the “Marco Mafia”.

Both of these projects, as well as all subsequent decisions related to these projects, were made by a consistent 4-3 majority of the city council. The majority included E. Glenn Tucker, Mike Minozzi, Bill Trotter and Rob Popoff. These councilors voted as block as directed via emails by the “Marco Mafia”.

During the ensuing construction of both of these projects, the following occurred:
• Asbestos pipe was crushed and buried on a public land
• Asbestos pipe was pulverized spreading fine dust/asbestos particles over one third of the island – and less than 1 mile from an elementary school and a middle school
• The asbestos dump was “cleaned up” by undocumented workers using nothing more than plastic bags
• The asbestos dump was “cleaned up” by simply raking the top soil and being carted off to a public land fill
• Millions of gallons of effluent laced with sulfuric acid, hydrogen sulfide and saturated with sediment were pumped into the waterways – waterways that directly lead to the Gulf of Mexico, the Everglades and a nearby estuary
• Over a period of six months, clouds of the toxic hydrogen sulfide gas were released into neighborhoods
• The release of the hydrogen sulfide gas were repeatedly measured to be in the toxic and fatal levels
• Over 900 residents sought medical attention due to hydrogen sulfide poisoning – some serious and some in critical condition

All of these environmental crimes were reported to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection by several citizens – two of which did so consistently and posted the videos, pictures and communications on a blog.

As the FDEP was receiving reports from the citizens about the above violation of Florida’s and federal environmental laws, the FDEP would alert the City of Marco Island to “stop” before their inspectors arrived.

The FDEP also issues back-dated “permits” – though dumping effluent into waterways is against both state and federal laws. The EPA has found that the City of Marco Island and the FDEP violated the federal Clean Water Act.

The citizens demanded that there be an investigation and that there be prosecution.
The then City of Marco Island’s police chief, Roger Reinke, reporting directly to Bill Moss, conducted a year-long “investigation”. Despite the tons of asbestos in the public land and in the land fill, Chief of Police Reinke concluded that there was insufficient evidence to prosecute anyone.

The FDEP opened an “investigation” into the asbestos pulverization, into contaminating public land with tons of asbestos chards, into the botched clean-up of the asbestos, into the dumping of millions of gallons of effluent into the waterways, into the release of toxic gas throughout residential neighborhoods … but was quickly stopped. No prosecution, fine or charges of any kind were ever forthcoming.

Question: why did the FDEP cover-up these crimes, refused to prosecute anyone, refused to release all of the investigative documents, collaborated with City of Marco Island operatives to manipulate the paperwork?

Answer: E. Glenn Tucker (as mentioned was a City of Marco Island councilor during these crimes, and an operative of the “Marco Mafia”), and his law firm partner, Donald “Dusty” Rhodes (of the law firm RHODES, TUCKER & GARRETSON ) were/are large Charlie Crist contributors. Donald Rhodes was then appointed by Charlie Crist as a commissioner to the Florida Elections Commission. The four above-noted controlled City councilors are quoted (paper, video, council meetings – that are recorded) repeatedly with mentioning that Governor Crist gave them personal assurances that the sewer project will go forward “even if the residents don’t want it”. The law firm of RHODES, TUCKER & GARRETSON represent nearly all commercial interests on Marco Island and all of the interests of the “Marco Mafia” – interests that repeatedly need zoning variances. Interests that are the only ones needing a sewer system.

Fact: Charlie Crist ordered that the FDEP shut down all investigations and any and all possibilities of prosecution as to the asbestos pulverization, asbestos dumping, illegal asbestos cleanup, dumping millions of gallons of effluent into the waterways, releasing clouds of toxic gas into the neighborhoods, at the behest of Donald Rhodes, a large Crist contributor, an appointee of Crist. And as Donald Rhodes’ law firm RHODES, TUCKER & GARRETSON benefitted from more commercial work – a law firm that as a partner was a sitting city councilor.

Unrelated Facts but Important to Note: There is a criminal investigation by the EPA but it has stalled. The US Justice Department is conducting a criminal investigation into one aspect of the “Marco Mafia” – the realtors. A forensic audit revealed misappropriation of funds, no-bid contracts, missing documents and more related to these projects. The City Council – with a new majority still reporting to the “Marco Mafia” – voted to disregard the forensic audit. A FS119 public information request to the City revealed HUNDREDS of emails from the “Marco Mafia” to the City staff telling them what to do, what to say, how to respond, how to approach these projects.

To this day there are blog sites with the documents, pictures, videos supporting 100% of the above.


Please substantiate this statement as you offered at the beginning of your post :

• Over 900 residents sought medical attention due to hydrogen sulfide poisoning – some serious and some in critical condition


This guy is a big fat liar

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