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Obama voters keep the faith

Went looking for voters at the Tampa town hall meeting who have fallen out of love with President Barack Obama but no such luck. However, 52-year-old homemaker Susan Mascenik said he needs to make it clear that he won't be able to deliver on all points of his agenda.

"People would be less upset if it didn't sound like a promise,'' said Mascenik, who hadn't voted for a Democratic presidential nominee since Bill Clinton until Obama came along. "I'd like to see him try to follow through.''

Mag Councilman, a 31-year-old music teacher, said Obama's announcement of $1.25 billion in federal aid for high-speed rail gave his jobs-first State of the Union speech some backbone.

"It gave it more credibility,'' she said. "People are on edge here, and we need the boost.''

Louis Garcia, a 55-year-old retired firefighter, said he was just as supportive of Obama as he was when he voted for him more than one year ago. "He took over a nightmare,'' he said. "He's doing everything he can do.''


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Go to the largest, high-end health club near University of Tampa - you'll find PLENTY of disenchanted Obama voters. He won't win FL next time 'round.


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