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State report: Peterman should repay taxpayers

A highly critical state report released Tuesday night finds Department of Juvenile Justice Secretary Frank Peterman ran up $25,000 in questionable travel and should reimburse taxpayers for those expenses.

The report by Gov. Charlie Crist's chief inspector general, Melinda Miguel, concludes that Peterman's frequent flights from Tallahassee to Tampa were not adequately documented and the lack of paperwork and corroborating testimony "does not support his statement" that the travel was necessary.

"Evidence does not dispel the appearance that Peterman's travel to and from the St. Petersburg area was for his own convenience," the report says.

Peterman, 47, said in a brief interview that he will reimburse the state for all questionable travel.

Read more from Steve Bousquet and Lee Logan here.


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The Chairman of the Florida Black Business Investment Board walked away with 10 times that with the Chief Inspector's full knowledge. Where is an investigative reporter when you need one?

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