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Tally Tuesday: Tans, tattoos and animal sex

The Legislature cares a lot about your body, how you decorate it, and what you do with it, apparently.

Tomorrow to kick off committee week, Rep. Mary Brandenburg, D-West Palm Beach, will hold a press conference to discuss proposed legislation regulating tattoos. And in the morning, the Senate health regulation committee will take up the so-called "fake bake" tanning bill (SB 430) that Sen. Eleanor Sobel tried and failed to get through last session.

Sobel's bill would require minors to get a parent's OK before going into the tanning vault. If it were to pass, that means parental consent would be required in Florida for minors getting a fake tan - but not for, say, a minor getting an abortion. Sobel, D-Hollywood, is married to a skin doctor.

Oh, and don't forget the other important legislation up for discussion this week. Tomorrow, the Senate criminal justice committee discusses Sen. Nan Rich's bill prohibiting sex with animals (just in case you were considering engaging.)


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Shouldn't your headline refer to the Florida Senate?


Good story

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