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Tea party activists sue to protect their brand

Images What's in a name? Only the true identity of a grass-roots movement, says a federal lawsuit filed by a handful of tea-party activists against the founders of Florida's new political party by the same name.

The activists argue that registering the "Tea party'' as a political party with Florida election officials amounts to hijacking their populist uprising against the political establishment. In other words, a Tea Party with a capital "T'' is no tea party at all.

"We don't want to become what we're fighting,'' said Everett Wilkinson, chairman of the South Florida Tea Party and a plaintiff in the lawsuit filed Tuesday in West Palm Beach. "Filing as a political party is detrimental to everything we've done.''

Full story here.


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Everitt has apparently met the enemy and it is him.

Same guy that had the rally that went violent couple of months ago?

Sounds like the Florida Tea Party will be a professional organization not the riff-raff that Everitt is a part of.

Jose Javier

they let wilkinson out?

Sam X

I heard that Wilkkkinson got a big chunk of Obama stimulus money through his wall street bank brokerage office.

Answers a bunch of questions all at once.

John Adams



5,000 already have!


Tea Party ralies don't go violent Susan. Youy must have it confused with some Democrat event.


Really Raf, you should get out more...



Everett Wilkinson is a good guy from what I know. The people behind the Tea Party political party are not so much, again just speaking from personal experience. I can tell you one thing though, forming a political party after a movement then going out and trying to sue everyone who uses that name (and has been using that name longer than the political party)can go and be ineffective all by themselves.

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