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The return of Jeb Bush

When Jeb Bush left office four years ago, his public appearances were as scarce as bi-partisan man hugs.

He didn't want to upstage his successor in the governor's mansion nor his brother in the White House. Instead, he quietly cashed in by joining corporate boards and an elite speakers bureau, penned public policy essays and gave infrequent interviews to conservative media outlets.

But in recent months, as the Republican Party of Florida has grappled with a leadership vacuum, Bush's political profile has grown as fast as the national deficit.

He headlined a fundraiser for Bill McCollum's gubernatorial campaign, starred in a YouTube video touting Jeff Atwater's campaign for state chief financial officer and helped install state Sen. John Thrasher as the state party's heir apparent --  all the while looming on the sidelines of the fierce Republican Senate primary between Gov. Charlie Crist and Marco Rubio.

The capper came Thursday when, at the top of the 7 o'clock hour, right after Vice President Joe Biden, Bush made a rare network television appearance on NBC's Today Show. The intensely private Bush's interview with the overly familiar Matt Lauer rattled Florida political circles.

Was this the beginning of a Jeb juggernaut that would culminate in a 2012 presidential bid?

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No not gonna happen in 2012, unless it's a dress rehearsal for '16. Any excitement for a Jeb Bush presidential bid in 2 years for the Republican Party would only be in Florida. That plane will not fly nationally in '12.


harry houdini

Too Many Bushes.......As different a BUSH as he is, many people have had enough...No more annointments..TWO BUSHES ARE ENOUGH especially after the last one..!!!.Royalty sucks...Are there no respected Republicans out there?



Bush for 2016. In 2012, It's Ron Paul's turn.


Jeb won't run in 2012 on the top of the ticket. One reason is that Obama most likely will still be too popular. Unless there is another terrorist attack that kills like 20,000 people or the economy continues to tank, Obama will glide easily to another election victory in 2012. Obama will most likely dump Biden and either pick up Warner, Kaine, or Napalitano as running mates.

Jeb's best option in 2012, is to run as Romney's running mate. Romney is lining up all the big donors for 2012. He is clearly the front runner for the Republicans in 2012. Jeb knows the public isn't ready for another Bush just yet, but he could run with Romney just to have his name out there. Romney will probably go down for the same reason Jeb would (Obama's too popular), but this would line Jeb up for the parties nomination in 2016. But as the VP candidate he can be the conservative while Romney plays more moderate, which I think is his natural inclination anyway. Romney was never convincing as movement conservative and everyone smelled the phoniness thats why he lost in 2008.

I think Jeb in 2016 will make more sense. He can run as a conservative with a brain and because of his conservative credentials he can pick a moderate like Brown, Huntsman, Jindal or even Snowe or Collins as his running mate and make a real play in 2016. That's my poltical strategy thinking.

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