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Video: Marco Rubio ducks the press


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He can only answer questions when they have been polled and focus grouped

Oh no he didn't

Yes, they will be the focus of your campaign

Mayor Mose

WOW thank you Adam for finally getting tough on this guy

Cant wait for the Rubio/Crist debate


I'm new to politic's ok but looking at that video it looks like the media kept cutting out what this guy was trying to say and it apears that who ever was filming the man was trying to make him look bad! Just Sayin....


May this be a lesson to all of us how the use of film editing can create a desired impression.

Kenny Alligood

this is just another attempt by the crist camp to make the true conservative candidate look bad. with clipped video and questions spoken over rubio's attempts to answer the only clear message here is that crist is trying his best to keep his head above water in the days leading up to the primary. .... oops too late on that as he trails rubio by several points already.... rubio is our future and he is the leader for the people... crist has already proven he is the politician of special interest, higher taxes and bigger government

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