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Will a GOP leader who backs Jim Greer please stand up?

 Another Jim Greer must go missive, this one from Ron Richmond and endorsed by fellow former House minority leaders and House speakers: Jim Tillman (1972-74); Bill James (1974-78); Curt Kiser (1978-82); Richmond (1982-84); Dale Patchett (1984-90) Jim Lombard (1990-92); Sandra Mortham (1992-94)) Daniel Webster (1994-96 as minority leader and 1996-98 as speaker; and Tom Feeney (2000-02).

"... Several of us have spent years of our lives trying to make the Republican Party of Florida the majority party in order to provide effective leadership for the betterment of the people of Florida. I, for one, spent many days and nights traveling throughout Florida in my car spending my own money to recruit candidates and to raise funds for the party. All of us have. Now, only to read that we have allowed expense accounts for some elected officials, chartered jets for party leaders, and other gross expenditures of funds not related to furthering the best interests of the party; ie. increasing party registration, filling the party coffers, and recruiting good candidates, among other things. We are seeing what we were part of building deteriorating, and deteriorating rapidly. It is essential that the party change direction before it it too late to reverse the trend.

"To put it bluntly, the best interest of the Republican Party requires your resignation immediately."