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1st Lady of the FL House? Nat'l media reacts to Herald/Times story

From MSBC's First Read: Incoming! This battle over Rubio's credit card expenses, as well as the news that he plans to travel to South Carolina next month, mark the first time that the conservative rock star has taken direct hits since becoming the front-runner in his race against Crist. And don't miss this statement from Rubio defending purchasing airplane tickets for his wife on the state party's credit card. "My wife was the first lady of the Florida House of Representatives, and it is absolutely appropriate for her to accompany me to official events and party functions," Rubio said. First lady of the Florida House of Representatives? Have you heard Harry Reid, Denny Hastert, etc. refer to their wives that way?

From The Hotline: Crist's campaign sees an opening to tear down Rubio's image as a hero of fiscal conservatives. Rubio, who finds himself on the defensive for the first time during the campaign, will paint the flap as an overblown product of Greer's mismanagement. Which line of argument carries the day in the FL press could drive the race over the next several weeks.

Talking Points Memo asks: Game Changer? Rubio Charged Grocery Bills And Car Repairs To GOP-Issued Credit Card

From Politico: Florida politics is abuzz today with the leak of the statements for a Republican Party American Express card held by Marco Rubio, which shows some charges for things that look like personal expenses. Rubio quickly denounced the story as a low blow from the Crist-controlled party, and he has the advantage that the sums he's accused of spending are far lower than those Crist's allies at the parties spent. But the way this kind of story can become truly damaging -- for him and for other Florida Republicans -- is if it emerges that they spent party money on their own and didn't pay taxes on the imputed income. It's often the taxing, not the spending, that brings pols down in situations like this. NOTE: Rubio says he paid back all the personal expenses which, if true would eliminate any problem. [Though it's unclear that he paid them back regularly, or with interest.]




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Beth....keep milking it. I am sure you are proud of your moment of glory.

Jason Steele

This was no leak, it was a set up! I'm disgusted by the two face nature of this attack, here Charlie Crist's hand picked guy Jim Greer blows millions on personal items, including helping Charlie and his campaign at every turn. Then he has the nerve to point the finger at Rubio.Charlie what took you so long to help clean up the mess at RPOF? I have tried to stay out of this race, but this is the last straw.YIKES, what nerve!

Mrs. Astor

The was a movie made once about this:

The Shape of Things To Come

the Dagger

The more I read about this credit card thing....the more it is apparent that the Miami Herald is being used. Beth and Scott has not been able to id any real issue that can cause donors to take issue. The fact is that nothing exist, Rubio paid personal items with personal funds. Can anyone who held in card within the leadership of the Republican Party say the samething? The real question is who leaked the statements and will there be any criminal fallout from this theft? I bet Beth or Scott don't follow that lead.

Rubio Needs to Apologize

Rubio use of the Party credit card to pay for personal items is a crime. It is also a betrayal.

Of course Rubio is upset that this information was released. He may well end of indicted like Sansom.

The real question is why wasn't this information disclosed before? Who has been keeping the lid on this for so long?

Enough is Enough

People get a life! Enough is enough with this nonsense. Don't any of you have anything better to do such as worry about helping our state to bounce back from the economical mess we're in, pray that GOD sends us the right people for us to vote into office this fall. Come on people let's get on with the real issues we're faced with.


Using the card for personal expenses is not a crime and he will not be indicted for anything. That's just ridiculous. And I am sure as the investigation continues you will see a lot of things that you may not agree with come out, but it is up to the RPOF to deal with new policies, procedures, etc. It's unreasonable to make these kinds of judgments on one or two news stories with one-sided information based on "leaked" information.

Johnny G Farias

This is just a drop in the bucket of all the behind the door "things" that happen. It might not be a big deal to some, but it is to those that pay the bill. After all, isnt the GOP credit card for "the few chosen ones" paid for by Donaters and Taxpayers.


Actually IRA... It is a crime. The RPOF is set up as a 501C3 tax exempt business. There are clear rules pertaining to the use of any RPOF charge cards. They must only be used to promote and elect Republicans to political office and for voter out reach. If these cards are used for personal use not only does it violate the tax code, but it is also a crime in that Rubio committed Federal Income Tax Evasion! No small potatoes for someone trying to lable themselves as a fiscal conservative. He also double dipped by charging the State and the RPOF for 8 trips to and from TLH-MIA. There is the charges for the car rental and repairs, etc., etc.

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