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Atwater says RPOF credit card was for 'the work of the party'

Senate President Jeff Atwater said today that the parameters of his use of the Republican Party of Florida credit card were "whether or not I was advancing the work of the party.''

At an event in Miami hosted by the Latin Builders Association, Atwater said: "I can speak for myself. I would think that the card was provided for the puposes of being sure we were advancing the party, identifying a candidate, supporting a candidate, helping raise resources or getting to know people who could help us in grassroots, and if somebody used it other than that, and they made arrangements to take care of that, that's up to them and the party."

Atwater reiterated that he doesn't mind if the party releases his statements and said he doesn't have them himself. "I've said to them, 'Guys, there's nothing on that card that I'm the least bit concerned about, feel free to release our cards.' "  


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Steve Beste

You would think that as a Candidate for CFO, Atwater would be more concerned about the potential misuse of funds in the party of which he is a leader.

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