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Charlie Crist bashes Marco Rubio's credit spending

Amid news that self-styled fiscal conservative Marco Rubio had a predilection for pricey hair cuts and the like courtesy of all those Republican Party of Florida special interests and contributors, Gov. Charlie Crist's campaign gleefully sent out this press statement about the man who has surged ahead of him in polls of the U.S. Senate primary:

“It seems that when you’re a member of the Florida House and still working as a lobbyist for special interests, every expense is political, even the trip to the local liquor store paid for by Republican donors,” said Andrea Saul, communications director.

“A clear pattern is emerging in Speaker Rubio’s unfortunate behavior. The lobbyist-politician whines and plays the victim while continuing to make every effort to hide the facts surrounding his personal financial gain while in office.

“Fact: In four years, Speaker Rubio made $1.2 million dollars from his law/lobbying firm.  When will he come clean about how he profited from his clients’ business before state government?

“Fact: It has been 3 days and counting since Speaker Rubio refused to release records that would help explain his relationship with his handpicked budget chief, Ray Sansom.

“Our next Senator must serve Florida as a strong and effective voice for six long years,” Saul concluded.  “It would be devastating for Florida’s next Senator to be facing unanswered questions as to his financial dealings while a lobbyist and lawmaker. Speaker Rubio must stop stonewalling and come clean with the specific details of his various financial arrangements that resulted in over a million dollars of personal income while in office.”