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Crist: Rubio's AmEx bills 'pretty disturbing'

Gov. Charlie Crist said Thursday that news reports detailing U.S. Senate rival Marco Rubio's use of a party-issued credit card for personal expenses was "pretty disturbing."

"An expensive haircut, it looks like. That's pretty disturbing," Crist said as he talked briefly to reporters before the start of a Board of Executive Clemency meeting. "I think these kinds of things are things that people will decide what they feel about it. It's up to them to reach their own conclusions about how important they believe it to be."

Asked to respond to an assertion by Rubio's campaign that Crist was behind leaking Rubio's American Express card bills to the media, Crist said: "I don't know where it came from." Then he paused and added: "Actually, I do know where it came from. It came from Speaker Rubio." 

Crist has said several times that he never had a party-issued credit card. 

-- Steve Bousquet


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If Wikipedia needs a definition for the term "retail politics" it surely could use the RPOF as a stunning example. Legalized bribery thru direct donations and bundling continue to drive this political dynamo. No wonder Little Marco is incredulous that he is questioned about how he benefitted from this Amex pinada. As Jeb's handpuppet he expects no criticism or negative questions from anyone.


This is what this campaign is going to be about? Governor Crist has done zero over a 4 year span as leader of the State. He offers no solutions to the unemployment and budget problems facing the State and while he was way ahead in the polls acted in the most arrogant way possible. Now the tortoise has caught and passed the hare. Let’s examine facts; where is the “Gotcha” item on Rubio’s AMEX? Personal items where paid for by him personally. Will the same be said for Greer or Johnson or another that had use of an AMEX? Rubio raised over 12 million dollars for the party and spent $110,000 on the card, of which the vast majority was spent helping raise the $12 million dollars to help Republicans. Money that ended being spent by party directors of lavish trips, dining, drinking and Lord knows what else. If the Governor wants this to be about “skeletons in the closet”…..be careful…..Mr. Outrage!

Governor this election has been about the direction “our” country should take. For the last two months you have done everything to make this campaign about smearing a decent person. This campaign should be about the record and nothing more. You stood with Obama and stimulus, own up to it…..you wrote a letter to the President endorsing the stimulus, (very different from accepting the money), you betrayed Giuliani after committing to supporting him, you have governed by polling and being a populist, you’re in bed with big gaming after you stated you where anti-gaming and you disrespected President Bush when he came to Florida, because it was more politically convenient to run the other way!! Charlie, you have spent your life running for office and never fulfilling a term that we the voters entrusted you with. You wanted to be VIP and now Senator…..it seems like you want to run as fast as you can to get out of Florida. WHY?

Next week starts the most important legislative session for Governor Crist, will he stand by and watch and pray the legislature bails him out? Or will he engage and promote (lead) on issues that are important to the residents of the State of Florida? Unemployment, Medicaid, Education, etc… The time has come for real debate on the direction of our State and our nation.

And Beth.....come on this is what you dreamed about when you where going to school to learn how to be a journalist? Are you going to go after Greer, Johnson, Cannon and the likes with the same vigor?


The biggest difference on this kind of issue between Rubio and Crist is that Marco raised lots of money for the Party and to help get other conservatives elected in Florida, while Crist raised tons of money mainly for himself to get elected to higher office without even really trying to get any conservative, common sense, taxpayer-friendly policies enacted.

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