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Crist tells Rubio to man up

Gov. Charlie Crist said his rival for the U.S. Senate, Marco Rubio, has no one to blame but himself for double-billing the state and Republican Party of Florida for eight plane tickets when he was House Speaker. Rubio has accused Crist of leaking his party credit card records to The Miami Herald and St. Petersburg Times.

"If he wants to find out who to blame for this, he should look in the mirror. He is the one who made these charges, not me, not any of my friends,'' Crist said at a road construction event in Broward County. "I mean, you know, when you do something like that you ought to just take personal responsibility."

Rubio did just that today, saying it was a "mistake'' to bill the party for the trips and that he would personally repay the GOP about $3,000.

"The people will decide this issue,'' Crist said. "I think it’s pretty clear that they don’t like that kind of double dipping. It’s just like taxpayers money. You ought to treat those funds in a vey sacred way...Like I said yesterday, welcome to the NFL. If you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen."

Asked about the blogosphere chatter that he is considering leaving the Republican party and running as an independent, Crist said, "It’s not going to happen.''


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Farm Ted

Yeah,,,,,take it like man!! Charlie does!! and he likes it!!


No public official should ever have a Party credit card, no one! It simply invites these kinds of incidents and it blurs the lines of impropriety.

But, if they do while they hold public office, then the general public does have the right to scrutinize their actions because the person accessing a private organization's funds is a public official. Fighting the issue will only create more of what you're trying to avoid - a media circus.

Marco opened a "pandora's box" on Wednesday night when he made public a letter to Sen. Thrasher urging him not to release credit card records. "I have always agreed with your position that these issues are internal party matters which must be decided by the Republican Party of Florida, and not in the court of public opinion through selective information leaked to the media. As you know, I have maintained that I would not unilaterally disclose my personal American Express statements. I made this decision out of respect for any internal review process a new chairman might initiate, and to avoid creating a media circus that at best would be a distraction, and at worst could actually hurt our Party." Big mistake. Now, ALL Republican Party elected officials are under the gun to release their credit card statements and/or explain their relationship with the RPOF. Much to the delight of the state Democrats who pride themselves on not issuing any credit cards to their public officials.

Tough week for Marco but he'll recover, as long as everybody else cooperates and makes their cc statements public. Otherwise, it will create an aura in people's minds that a 'culture of curruption' not only exists in Tellahassee but Marco contributed to it.

Remember, it's not the questions that should make you nervous, its how you answer them.


Marco further complicates things when he said -"My wife was the First Lady of the Florida House of Representatives and it is absolutely appropriate for her to accompany me to official events and party functions" - Yes, of coarse it is, but on your own dime, not the public or RPOF's.

This little whopper caused the press the publish how much he made in a single year as Speaker and as a land use attorney in 2007. $414,000.

Naturally, this disclosure causes people as well as current and potential donors to ask? "You made this much money in a single year and you couldn't pick up the tab for your own wife?"

And now, to bring it all home, the Herald discloses that Marco actually double billed RPOF for 8 flights he took while serving as Speaker, totaling $3,000. Embarrassing him and forcing him to reimburse them immediately.

Remember, its not the questions that should make you nervous, its how you answer them.


Shucking Chuckles should buy a house, get a mortgage, and pay property insurance, before he tells anyone else to man up.

gop girl

Charlie's wife had an RPOF credit cared even before they were even engaged!


^^^Your arguments do not make any sense. If Mrs. Rubio had her own Party credit card, then why would her husband use his cc to pay for her plane tickets?^^^

And who made you privileged to this little "fact?"

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