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Crist trying to pin Sansom on Rubio

In a sign that Gov. Charlie Crist is beginning to pull out the heavy artillery, his U.S. Senate campaign is demanding that rival House Speaker Marco Rubio release "all emails and documents between Rep. Sansom, yourself, and respective staff.''

Crist is playing with fire, no? Ray Sansom was Rubio's budget chief but Crist signed off on Samson's budget requests that are at the center of his career-ending troubles. Rubio has said he didn't know what Sansom was up to.

Rubio had been subpoenad to testify in Sanson's ethics trial starting today but got off the hook Sunday -- unfortunately for his detractors -- when Sansom resigned.


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Whether or not he knew that Jay Odom was involved, perhaps Chuckie would explain to the voters of Florida why he approved and signed this obvious budget-busting pork project, allowing the spending to go forward?

Saint Petersblog

Why are politicians like Evan Bayh and Ray Sansom blaming "those meddling bloggers" for their problems?


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