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Crist's new line of attack against Rubio: 'trust'

Gov. Charlie Crist latched onto a new campaign slogan Saturday, one day after U.S. Senate rival Marco Rubio confessed he double-billed taxpayers and the Republican party for eight plane tickets when he was a state legislator: "Trust.''

Crist used the loaded word at least a dozen times in a 10-minute speech at a breakfast in Miami hosted by the Christian Family Coalition, an offshoot of the well-known Christian Coalition.

"This is about trust,'' Crist repeated to reporters. "We're asking people for their vote and by doing that we're asking them to trust us.''

The harsh attacks traded by Crist and Rubio dominated the event, which marked the second time all of the major candidates for Florida's U.S. Senate seat appeared together. Rubio, who said Friday he would repay the party $3,000 for the billing "mistake,'' tore into Crist's anti-abortion credentials in his speech to about 400 religious conservatives.

"If you do not believe Roe v. Wade should be overturned, you are not pro-life,'' Rubio said. He added, referring to Crist's statement in 2006 that he would rather change hearts than law: "Senators can't change hearts. Only God can change hearts.''


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Rubio Needs to Apologize

Rubio's claim that he paid back the personal expenses is not adding up.

First, he is stonewalling. He is refusing to even identify which personal expenses he reimbursed.

Did he reimburse the Party for the $130 haircut? Or does he consider that a Party expense?

Did he reimburse the Party for the flight to Vegas to go to a family funeral? Or does he consider that a Party expense?

Did he reimburse the Party for the $1,024 that he paid the company that manages his real estate investment? Or does he consider that a Party expense?

And, by the way, is every flight to visit his wife and son in Miami at Party expense?

Anyone who says that they know Rubio repaid the Party all personal expenses is just making that up. We can't know unless Marco comes clean.

angry taxpayer

mr rubio, i agree with you but still have one big question for you and that is why didnt you change the law in florida when you were speaker. you had the majority and you had the power but i dont recall the florida house passing any significant anti-abortion laws. its easy to say something and throw rocks. and for both of you show me where you have tried to change "hearts".

Saint Petersblog

National Review: Is a comeback in store for Charlie Crist?


Saint Petersblog

@marcorrubio launches new web video: "Crist in his own words. Don't scrap Obamacare"


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