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Dems courting Annette Taddeo?

Seen at Soyka: House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer and former congressional candidate Annette Taddeo.

Taddeo, a Colombian-born business executive who started her own translation company, earned notice in 2008 for conducting a spirited, if ultimately unsuccessful, challenge of Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen.

The lunch comes as state and national Dems are abuzz over the possibility of an open congressional seat in Florida: Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart is giving up his seat to run for his retiring brother's more Republican-friendly seat. Though a half-dozen GOP'ers have said they're interested in running, no Dems have yet jumped into the fray -- though Joe Garcia -- who challenged Diaz-Balart in 2008 has been mentioned as a possibility.

If he runs, Taddeo said, "I will definitely support him." Taddeo said Hoyer invited her to lunch: the two talked politics and the Colombian free trade agreement. Taddeo said the seat "is absolutely winnable for Democrats and whoever the Democratic candidate ends up being, I will be very supportive."

So will it be Taddeo? "I never say never, but at this point I'm not a candidate for the seat."


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BJ Chiszar

Attention Democrats: Taddeo would be a disater as a candidate...she would lose by double digits no matter how much of her own money she spends! CD-25 is not winnable this cycle!


Annette Taddeo is an elegant, real lady who ran her first ever political campaign against an 18 year incumbent with universal name recognition and who spent over $3 million to defeat her. With no incumbent in the race, she would have a great chance of winning, especially since the district has turned majority Democrat in the past year.
The previous comment by BJ Chiszar, the discredited former Chair of the Miami Dade Democratic Party who was removed from his office for egregious behaviors and attempted bribery of Democratic candidates demonstrates the same lack of sound judgment that got him removed from office.


Blue Dog really hit the nail on the head - both about Taddeo and most especially about Chiszar.

South Florida Democrats know that whatever Chiszar says is nothing but "sour grapes" and the fact that his "record" for winning is nearly non-existant with regard to campaigns he's been involved in makes me wonder how he can even open his mouth about any race. As for Taddeo, she would make a great candidate and an even greater Congresswoman. And as for "25" not being winnable this cycle - if not now, WHEN? Its an open seat, with a Democratic majority DUH! No brainer! Of course, a lot of us here are hoping for an announcement from Joe Garcia - that should make Chiszar very happy!

BJ Chiszar

@ Bluedog, If you are aware of and have proof of any attempted bribery on my part, kindly report it to the State Atty office...in the absence of doing so, just keep slandering people without giving your real name...classy!
@ Sunshine, No mention of record by me anywhere, only my opinion that Taddeo (and Garcia) would lose this seat this cycle. Only a coward gadfly hides behind a screen name while throwing mud.
Both of you can hope for a Dem victory all you want. I will respond after the election! Have a great day chicken-hawks!

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