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Does Lincoln Diaz-Balart's departure signal Republicans are losing the big mo?

The Washington Post writes that three recent House retirements -- including Lincoln Diaz-Balart's -- "have sparked a debate between the leaders of the two major parties over whether the GOP is losing momentum in its quest to score major gains at the ballot box this fall."

The story says "GOP strategists are brushing aside the retirement gap, saying that many of their House members see an improving political environment and are jumping ship to run for statewide office, and that other retirements are occuring in mostly conservative terrain that will be easy to defend. Democrats counter that the GOP retirements are a sign that most rank-and-file Republicans do not believe they will recapture the majority anytime soon."


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Carl Johsnon

So now there are 17 Republicans not seeking reelection and 13 Democrats not seeking reelection. Since that is the case, couldn't the exact same thing be said about Democrats? People quit their jobs becasue they don't want to do it anymore. it's that simple. You should focus on those who are leaving swing districts. In swing districts, the R's have the edge right now because Independents are leaning Republican. In order to lose momentum, the other side must gain momentum. Has there been something new that has helped swing the pendulum toward the Democrats or did I miss something?

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