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Donor asked Charlie Crist for his money back

Developer Al Hoffman, a major GOP donor who recently moved from Fort Myers to North Palm Beach, asked Gov. Charlie Crist to return the $9,600 he and his wife gave to Crist's U.S. Senate campaign.

Why? Two words: Jim Greer. Hoffman was among the donors who pressured Crist to dump his handpicked chairman of the Republican Party of Florida.

"I lost my confidence in Charlie's leadership ability simply because he looked the other way when so many people were warning him about Jim Greer,'' he said. "As much as it pains me, I felt this was a significant oversight on Charlie's part.''


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Santiago Leon

I hope he puts his money to Rubio!



Nice. Yeah who knows maybe Crist might try to spend it in Europe or something. jajajajjaja

Saint Petersblog

Crist taunts @marcorubio: "Welcome to the NFL"


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