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Excerpts of Marco Rubio's CPAC speech

U.S. Senate candidate Marco Rubio's campaign released these excerpts of his speech later this morning to the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington. The remarks will be familiar to anyone who has heard Rubio give his rousing stump speech.

I was not born to a wealthy or connected family. And yet, I have never felt or been limited by the circumstances of my birth. I have never once felt like there was something that was not possible for me because of who my parents were, or were they came from. But why is it that I have been able to accomplish many of my dreams, but my grandfather's dreams never had a chance? The answer is simple. Because I am privileged. The simple privilege of being a citizen of the greatest society in all of human history. There has never been a nation like the United States.

As we near the midterm election, what voters are looking for is very clear. They are looking for leaders that understand what is happening, will stand up to it and in its place offer a clear alternative.

Twenty-ten will not be just a choice between Republicans or Democrats. It will not just be a simple choice between liberals and conservatives. It will be a referendum on our nation's very identity.

People want leaders that will come here to Washington D.C. and stand up to this big government agenda, not be co-opted by it. The Senate already has one Arlen Specter too many. And America already has a Democrat party. It doesn't need another Democrat party.

And just for fun, here's the mock speech offered by rival Charlie Crist's campaign.


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Wrapping himself in the flag, mouthing platitudes,throwing some political raw meat to the Teabaggers. Boy this sure is the kind of leadership our country needs to get us out of financial straits 8 years of Republican rule brought us. If elected, Marco can be sure to appoint people like his good friend Rep. Sansom to high government positions. He can also give the keys to the GOP bulldozer to Grover Norquist to eliminate state funding of services to public schools, poor children and low income elderly parasites who should have saved more money for their old age.


Hey edukatednfla? Nice typical kneejerk liberal reaction. You forgot to blame Bush directly. I hear that Obama wants to name the fault line that caused the Haiti earthquake after the 43rd President so that even that can be Bush's Fault. You stupid liberals are so predictable. I'll bet the moderator at the Miami Herald will delete this post because I'm calling liberals, which the moderator most likley is, stupid. I guess you would prefer that our intelligent sounding buy mental midget of a President went on spending yours, your children's and your grandchildren's money so that you can go on sipping your latte and slandering the members of the only relevant organinc political movement since the American Revolution. And being a liberal aren't you supposed to have compassion for gays? Isn't teabagging a gay sex act? So why would you use it in the pejorative? What an ultramaroon!

Carlos Marrufo

Rosstaman, you're the man!

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