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George LeMieux, World Traveler

Fresh off a trip to Haiti last week, the Florida Republican is in Honduras today, meeting with new president Porfirio Lobo and officials at the US embassy. From there, he's headed to Panama and Colombia -- a one-man congressional delegation.

"Being a senator from Florida, I feel an added responsibility to work on issues that affect Latin America," LeMieux said. "There's so much shared interest between Florida and Central and South America."

LeMieux said he's one of the first members of Congress to meet with Lobo -- the U.S. last year cut off aid to the Central American country after the Honduran army ousted then-President Manuel Zelaya. LeMieux -- who held up confirmation of an ambassador to Brazil to protest US treatment of Honduras -- said he told Lobo he was "looking forward to the U.S. re-establishing a relationship" with the country.

In Panama, LeMieux said he plans to check out the expansion of the Panama Canal -- which the port of Miami is preparing for by dredging to accomodate larger cargo vessels. And he'll meet with Colombian president Alvaro Uribe.


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Jose Ruiz

Why do the taxpayers have to absorb the cost of this placeholder Senator to bounce around the world? He has no power or influence in the Senate, and since he will be out of office in a few months these trips are utterly meaningless---so PLEASE STOP WASTING MY TAX DOLLAR!

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