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Jeb Bush Jr. comes to Rubio's defense

Jeb Bush Jr. wrote a letter to The Miami Herald in response to a biting column by Carl Hiaasen about U.S. Senate candidate Marco Rubio:

Carl Hiaasen's Feb. 14 Uncomfortable spotlight now on Rubio is unfair, inaccurate and based on false assertions and incomplete information. As the Florida House moves forward with its investigation of Ray Sansom, Marco Rubio has made clear that if he has any information useful to the inquiry he would share it, just as he has offered to in past inquiries of the matter. Hiaasen makes no mention of this.Hiaasen
shows a lack of understanding of how the Legislature works and fails to mention that Sansom was not plucked out of obscurity by Rubio to be a leader, but was elected speaker-designate by a majority of his colleagues and unanimously chosen speaker. Hiaasen claims that, as speaker, Rubio should have known about the budget item that ultimately led to Sansom's indictment. However, the very premise of the criminal case against Sansom hinges on the fact that he disguised an appropriation in the budget to hide its true purpose.There were no shortage of individuals and organizations with access to the budget
-- the governor's office, media, watch-dog groups. Not a single person raised questions about this project. Neither the Democratic Caucus in the House or Senate, not Gov. Crist, whose staff inquired about the projects but chose to approve them. While columnists are entitled to their own opinions, they are not entitled to their own facts.


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Excellent rebuke!


Funny how Jeb Jr. screws up the facts while complaining that someone screwed up the facts. He writes, "Not a single person raised questions about this project", ignoring the fact that FL Taxwatch had called the it a "turkey". Worse, his next sentence Jr. claims Crist didn't raise questions about the hangar that wasn't a hangar, but notes that his staff did. Brilliant.

Bleh. It's never pretty watching the political class licking each other's wounds.


Jeb Jr is an idiot. Marco knew about the 30mil project and approved it. He was the Speaker and that's a huge request in a year where they should have buckeled down on his legislators pet projects. Marco is a fraud, not a good leader, and will be exposed before the primary. If not, that's grea, because the only person that Kendrick Meek can beat is Marco Rubio. He is too extreme, and that's what you tea partiers don't understand. People are looking for new leadership, not radical new leadership. Didn't you see what happened in NY? Scott Brown won, but he campaigned on change, not that he was a Republican. He stayed far away from the Republican name and certainly the far right of the Republican Party. Elect Marco, I think you'll be upset.


It's funny how the RINO's like Johan can't see that because Crist's staff looked into this and he approved it anyway, that puts Crist in a much worse light than Rubio.

That is the leadership change we need? Heck, that's just more Obama-style spending excess in order to buy legislative approval of ridiculous and ridiculously expensive new programs.

If Crist new of this and approved it anyway, he is complicit and, worse, didn't do his job as Governor--to veto wasteful spending--which makes him incompetent.

On the other hand, if his staff looked into this and let it go, it makes Crist look incompetent as an executive.

J.Q.C. Lamar

Contrary to Jeb's suggestion, Rubio has never denied under oath that he knew that the beneficiary of the $6 million budget item to the College was actually Republican-donor Odom.

Also, Rubio continues to refuse to release a statement of the expenditures he made with his Republican Party credit card, which was paid for by Odom and others.

The release of this information would largely eliminate the concern that Rubio received a quid-pro-quo for acquiescing in the budget item for Odom's private jets.

The fact that Rubio is still refusing to disclose this information after other Republican officials have already agreed to do so, suggests that Rubio might be hiding something.

Sorry, Jeb, hiding information is not exactly cooperating in the investigation.

True Blue

Please nominate Marco - it's Kendrick's only chance to be a U.S. Senator.


Neither Carl Marx Hiassen nor Kendrick Meeks nor the left-wing progressive media can derail the will of the people.

Marco Rubio will be the next U.S. Senator from Florida. Book it.

J.Q.C. Lamar

If Marco wants to be the next U.S. Senator, Marco needs to come clean. Regarding his Republican Party credit cards -- how much did he spend and what did he spend it on?

We know his hand-picked protege, Ran Sansom, who has been indicted, spent SEVERAL HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS, much of it on personal matters.

If Marco has nothing to hide, he needs to let the voters see the records.


J.Q.C. Lamar: NO Republican officials have agreed to disclose their American Express expenditures. Rightly so, since they are the subject of an ongoing investigation. In fact, Marco Rubio has agreed to testify (in case you don't know, that means under oath) about the expenditures.

Only Charlie Crist talks about disclosing the statements, because he did not have a card, as though thet were a virtue. In fact, he didn't need one. He had Jim Greer's.


Let us finally FLUSH the entire dreadful BUSH toilet.

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The fact that Rubio is still refusing to disclose this information after other Republican officials have already agreed to do so, suggests that Rubio might be hiding something.

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