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Jeb calls Crist's support for stimulus 'unforgiveable'

 Gov. Jeb Bush leaves little to the imagination when asked in this Newsmax interview about the U.S. Senate race between Gov. Charlie Crist and former House Speaker Marco Rubio.

Gov. Crist is a talented guy. He's about the nicest person I've ever met in politics. But there's one thing he's done that I just find unforgiveable. That I'm aware of he is the only statewide political leader that embraced the stimulus package when Republicans were fighting to suggest an alternative... He did it the day before the vote, it was a mistake, and then he denies that he would have supported the bill. I know I'm supposed to be politically correct and I said I was neutral and all that, I got a problem with that.

More on the interview here.


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Do Better

Your spelling is unforgivable.

yo mama

That is what the Republicans are all about. Party first, people second.

Larry Thorson

A pity that Newsmax didn't ask Jeb how much he made from Lehman and the crap investments he helped sell to Florida.

Saint Petersblog

@Marcorubio forms joint fundraising committee with 6 other US Sen candidates.



Oh ya Jebby seems to want to come back into office. And again, Your man Marco said he would support the stimulus also. Stimulus was needed to keep the state functional to give time in order to come up with a plan of action. I think Crist made the best decision in order to save jobs. Now is the time to come back and help make decision to figure out how you are going support the state. We all know that we need a new revenue stream to save this state.

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