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John Thrasher wins RPOF election

Mark Cross 2, Sharon Day 85, John Thrasher 135.

Thrasher: "Now the time for us to begin the unity and the healing...and be sure in 2010 that we elect a Republican slate that is second to none in America."


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How can we do that with a Chairman who has supported democrats and one that must be removed from the primo positions of Ethics and Elections and reapportionment. What is wrong with you republican people?????

True Blue

First action after election results were announced - vote to destroy ballots. What were they trying to hide???


Apparently Senator Thrasher has just written another "dark" chapter in the history of the Republican Party of Florida. Informed sources acknowledge that a few days prior to his election REC's across the state received letters from candidate Thrasher along with a handsome check. The check was from a 527 account titled "Committee for Florida's Fiscal Future. Obviously Pay to play is alive and well in Florida politics.

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