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Black Lagoon creature arrives at Capitol


About 100 people attended a rally promoting tougher legislation to protect springs in front of the Capitol on Tuesday. The highlight: Sen. Lee Constantine, R-Altamonte Springs, high-fiving a person dressed as the Creature of the Black Lagoon. (Luckily for him, he's term limited, otherwise we can imagine quite a campaign flier.)

(The high-five came after we snapped the picture. The bird in the photo was there to represent the birds that enjoy clear water at Wakulla Springs.)

-- John Frank, Herald/Times reporter


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marsha craig

It is a sad thing that John Frank's only comments on yesterday's rally to promote protection for Florida's springs centered around Sen. Constantine's photo op with"The Creature from the Black Lagoon"! He might have better served Florida's environment by recapping some of the speakers and their concern for the decline in these treasures. The "creature" was present to highlight the fact that movies have been made at our springs (theCreature from theBlack Lagoon & Tarzan among them!) It is our loss that Sen. Constantine is unable to remain in office!!!

Marsha Craig

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