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Lincoln Diaz-Balart expected to announce retirement

Word is the Miami Republican will announce today he's not running for re-election. He's scheduled a noon presser at Florida International University to make an "announcement regarding his future" -- his office isn't saying, but sources say he won't run. 

That may come as a surprise but not a total shock -- remember the Miami Republican months ago had signaled he'd be willing to retire if Charlie Crist appointed him to the US Senate for a caretaker job?

Word is his brother, Mario Diaz-Balart, will run for Lincoln's seat -- a safer Republican district. That would open up Mario's seat. There's no clear Republican front runner, but David Rivera and Anitere Flores are running for a state Senate seat that is almost fully contained in the congressional district.

And there's speculation the open seat could entice Democrat Joe Garcia to try again. Garcia came close to ousting the younger Diaz-Balart in 2008, but is now working in Washington for the Obama administration.


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The douchiest douche who ever douched retires. good stuff

C Roberts

The polls show people are angry and incumbents are in trouble. I voted for Lincoln in previous elections but his his obsession with Cuba Cuba Cuba has left his constituents saying "We live in America..... What about us". We're struggling over here. How about concentrating on us here in the US. Not that Cuba issues are not important, but both Diaz-Balarts have become obsessed with the Cuba embargo and are out of touch with the issues here. Lincoln got some very well researched advice telling him he would not survive a re-election bid and got out before he had to endure an overwhelming defeat. I like Mario as a person, but he has the same obsession with Cuba issues. He only started showing up in public when his seat was in jeopardy before the last election. He also would not survive an election bid for his brothers seat. Thanks for your service. Your time has passed. We need someone who is going to represent us in these difficult times not Cuba.

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