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Marco Rubio: Torn between two candidates for state party chair

As a state committeeman, Marco Rubio says he'll vote Saturday on the new chief of the state GOP -- but he's but not making an endorsement -- since he likes both John Thrasher and Sharon Day.

"I think they'd both do a great job," Rubio said. "I don't want to add fuel to a fire that's already burning."

The former House member noted Thrasher was his "first Speaker, he's been a good friend and a mentor in many respects throughout the years."

And Day, he says, "was the only thing that stood between me and Rule 11 letter being signed against me by the state party."

He noted former party chief Jim Greer tried to get the state party to officially endorse against him -- but that Day wouldn't sign the letter.

"Had it not been for Sharon Day, the state Republican party would have formally endorsed against me," he said. "So I'm grateful to both of them and I think they both would do an excellent job, so I think we already won."


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Jason Steele

There is no reason for Marco to get involved
in this race.

SREC Member

As a Rubio supporter, I am starting to question if he can take a stance on important issues. Thrasher is so much more qualified than Day and to see him on the fence makes me question my support for him.


9 in 10 of these voters know Thrasher is more qualified, even Day supporters. This is more about the process than it is the candidates. And "sending a message" to folks in the Legislature who annointed Thrasher. Marco looks a bit like Charlie here not taking a principled stance one way or the other.

Jean Maximilien Lamarque

Did anyone witness or pay attention to the Coup d’état which was pulled off last month by the Capitol City Crew? One Bush Center was surrounded by heavy vehicle/s maneuvering, attacking with suited soldiers from the entrenched vehicle/s advancing into the building with determination seeking out high and low the secret papers, Amex invoices, etc. to take to the deadly shredder machine.
The former Commandante was said to have been seen departing having signed over the Republic to the conquerors… his Lt. General in tow with large briefcases full of...full of... full of his special blend that had his name on the label. Not a shot was fired! Just money passed, as some say, to reduce the body count and so secrets would not be discovered. Thank goodness, not a soul lost, except for those who were casualties brought down by the traitor in their midst. Hey, these stories need a traitor. Got to liven things up, but He was there!
The Coup Crew thought their tactics were the best The Governors Club could buy... felt they had pulled off a big one, just as GW Bush did to Katherine Harris years back when she had a big run. We’re gonna show them how things are! Gotta remove the unfits, the inbreds, those that don’t suit us. Those pasture poor, grass farmers of the vote out in the hinterlands don’t know squat about politics because we are the politics and the money of the Party. The money buys victory theology that’s what counts! Throw money at this, throw money at that…throw money at or for me but make sure you leave some for the candidate is our mantra.
Well, Napolean had his Waterlou, Lee his Gettysburg, Nixon his Watergate (Oops! I smell a coverup.) All champions face the ultimate losing bout, that final battle because they don’t know when to not get involved or when to give up and go home after winning the greater war.
This weekend truth, accountability and honesty will champion and prevail sinking the Coup. The “farmers of the vote” will show up armed with their tools of their trade in hand (a powerful vote) to turn the tide of the Coup d’etat. If Commandante Greer appears… you best check out the vote farmers for any tomatoes and cabbages being on board. Those veggies have been known in the past to be the deadliest political missiles of appeasement.
So, rally citizen army, rally over the Coup Crew and bring home victory to the true owners of the Party, the farmers of the vote and for the lowly Republican voter back home who is dying to get conservatism and sensibility back into the government which they are the true owner.

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