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Marco Rubio: Torn between two candidates for state party chair

As a state committeeman, Marco Rubio says he'll vote Saturday on the new chief of the state GOP -- but he's but not making an endorsement -- since he likes both John Thrasher and Sharon Day.

"I think they'd both do a great job," Rubio said. "I don't want to add fuel to a fire that's already burning."

The former House member noted Thrasher was his "first Speaker, he's been a good friend and a mentor in many respects throughout the years."

And Day, he says, "was the only thing that stood between me and Rule 11 letter being signed against me by the state party."

He noted former party chief Jim Greer tried to get the state party to officially endorse against him -- but that Day wouldn't sign the letter.

"Had it not been for Sharon Day, the state Republican party would have formally endorsed against me," he said. "So I'm grateful to both of them and I think they both would do an excellent job, so I think we already won."