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McCollum's internal polling shows consistent lead

1. McCollum is stronger among his Republican base (69% to 6%) than Sink is among her Democratic base (53% to 16%)

2.McCollum has a nine point advantage among Independents (39% to 30%).

3. McCollum leads Sink among men, and he now has a significant lead among women (41% to 25%).

4. McCollum has a two to one net positive opinion rating of 38% favorable to 18% unfavorable. In comparison, only 26% of voters have a favorable opinion of Sink, while 12% have an unfavorable opinion of her. Among Independent voters, McCollum (37%/13%) has a stronger favorable rating than Sink (27%/13%).

5. A plurality of voters (47%) approves of the way McCollum is handling his job as attorney general, while only 17% disapprove. In contrast, only a third of voters (32%) approve of the way Sink is handling her job as Florida’s chief financial officer, while 19% disapprove. McCollum’s approval rating is consistent among Independents (48%-17%), while Sink’s negatives increase significantly among this important swing group (33%-27%).


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Well I was all for Senator Dockery until I read her SB 398 which initially copied Representative Ambler's HB 115 and that was it for her. Both of their Bills allow HOA fines of $1000 to become liens is enough for me to vote for anyone but her.

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