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CD25 poll: DLP best known, liked. Rivera not so much

When Rep. David Rivera announces tomorrow that he's switching races from state Senate to Congress, he'll no longer be able to claim this title: Frontrunner.

That title more likely goes to Senate Republican leader Alex Diaz de la Portilla (assuming he enters the race). He appears to be among the best-known and best-liked of the potential candidates to run for U.S. Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart's seat, according to a survey of 300 Republican voters conducted by Hill Research Consultants, which conducts polls for retiring U.S. Rep. Lincoln Diaz-Balart. Hill also polled for Sen. Mel Martinez in his successful 2004 race.

The poll isn't a straight match-up, but instead tests the name ID of the candidates and their favorable/unfavorables. Miami-Dade Commissioner is better known than DLP by a percentage point (well within the poll's error margin), but his negatives are almost twice as high. Rivera comes in third by any measure.

It's little surprise DLP, who could announce as early as next week, does so well. Not only has he been in office for a long time, his brother Miguel Diaz de la Portilla was a county commissioner and ran for county mayor. His other brother, Renier Diaz de la Portilla, is a school board member. So the family name blankets the county. Still, the district does extend to Naples.

The big surprise: Carlos Curbelo. U.S. Sen George LeMiuex's Florida director, Curbelo has strong name ID and likely earned it as a spokesman for both Diaz-Balarts in the 2008 campaign season. He has never been on the ballot, save a Miami-Dade Republican Executive Committee Chairman race where he lost by just one vote to Rivera. In a season when political outsiders might have an edge, the numbers are encouraging for Curbelo, who's meeting with the National Republican Congressional Committee tomorrow.

Here's the list:

Name                        Name ID          Fav.      Unfav.     Unsure, but Familiar
Joe Martinez                   68              34         17          17
Alex Diaz de la Portilla     67             39          9           18
David Rivera                    41              24          5           12
Carlos Curbelo                32              11          5           16
Carlos Gimenez              29              11          5           14
Mike Pizzi                      22              10          3            9


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Jorge Gomez

Rumor has it that Paul Crespo and Jorge Arizurieta are also considering a run at this seat.
Paul Crespo especially would be a clean break from politics as ussual.

Peter Nixon

Joe AMrtinez will be a better County Mayor than a congressman and of course he would have a higher name ID. The district he represents is entirely in CD25.


What about Bruno Barreiro he just changed his Facebook page to read Bruno for Congress

Carmen T.

Paul Crespo would be an interesting figure but what about Alex Villalobos. His Senate seat is in CD 25. DRAFT VILLALOBOS....


Please tell me the Carlos Curbelo angle is just that and angle to this story, he is not congressional material he is just a media lover and loves to be heard talking.


Listed above are 6-career politicians plus Bruno and Villalobos... 8 men... that make a living at politics. Just wait and wathc the outsider. http://www.facebook.com/friends/?id=1198209206#!/pages/Marili-Cancio-for-Congress-2010/311271957482?ref=ts

A Garcia

Marili, with all do respect I admire your interest in serving this district but if I where you I would just stay in the family business and not get into a a dirty mans world..

By the way wasn't your brother a politician too, and wasn't he hand picked by JEB to replace Miriam Alonso? So you also come from a political family if i was you i would not throw stones, they might just return and break your fake glass house....


What a day tomorrow will be what will David really do will he actually run or will he announce his endorsement of Alex DLP


This is so funny everyone is placing their money on david Rivera.

I don't think the Diaz balarts have really thought about what is going to happen to them if David wins this seat.

Think about this Marco & David sitting in DC planning how many Party Amex cards they can charge up.. This is just to funny....Viva Cuba

Miami Red Neck

As the only Red Neck left in Miami can we get an Anglo to run for office Here.

Please Join and support


Jose Luis

Has anyone heard of this State rep Juan Zapata I hear he is considering this seat as well. He is a non cuban and represents this area already or at least a large portion. It would be interesting the more cubans that get in this race the easier it is for non cuban to take it because this district has a large number of non cubans.


Alex DLP has proven time and again he can win tough elections. He is adept and agressive and very loyal. Not suprising folks down in CD-25 like him.

Miami Red Neck

Dutch, whta makes you think that Alex DLP is the best isn't he going through a bad divorce where his wife is accusing him of abuse (in many ways). Is this the same Alex DLP that had all the campaign Violations and had to spend several years trying to bring the fines down from like the $100K range. Oh I forgot the same Alex DLP that cut a deal with Sen. King (Rest In Peace) to screw our school district in the funding formula that we have now.

Did he have an Republican Party Amex too? Like Marco RUBIOOO..

Please if this is the best we have then give me a break. We have enough of the DLp's with his sorry excuse of a brother the school boardmember that just got coought doing school district mailers in his Brothers senate district to help the older brother.



Red Neck you are entitled to opinions but you are a bit out of line making claims about credit cards and personal matters such as divorce. You don't get elected six consecutive times, rise to the rank of Senate Pro Temp. and Senate Majority Leader without caring for your constituents and making effective policy.

D. Riley

Ok Villalobos...ahem I mean Miami Redneck. Time to go to bed.

Miami Red Neck

I am not saying he did not do a good job or does not care for his constituents. But I am stating what I have read and have heard from others here is some facts for you Marlowe and if you want more go to google and read up?

1)Miami Herald - NewsBank - Nov 8, 2001
Alex Diaz de la Portilla was ordered to pay a record $311000 fine Wednesday for campaign finance violations and now faces criminal charges for failing to ...

2) Miami Herald - AccessMyLibrary.com - Jan 9, 2007
Alex Diaz de la Portilla has agreed to end his bitter fight over campaign finance violations by paying nearly $9000 in fines. The Miami Republican has been ...

3) Orlando Sentinel - ProQuest Archiver - Jul 17, 2002
Alex Diaz de la Portilla's political future began Tuesday on misdemeanor charges ... The Florida Elections Commission fined Diaz de la Portilla a record ...

4)Republican state Sen. Alex Diaz de la Portilla and his wife have separately filed their own divorce petitions.
TALLAHASSEE -- Senate Republican leader Alex Diaz de la Portilla wants a divorce, and he says the assets accumulated during his six-year marriage to a Tallahassee lobbyist should be equally distributed.
But Claudia Diaz de la Portilla, in her own court filing, depicts the South Florida lawmaker as a husband who spends her money and doesn't pay the mortgage.
``I am disheartened that a petition filed in the court would contain such gross inaccuracies,'' said Sen. Diaz de la Portilla, ``but our personal life should not be a matter for public involvement and I expect and hope everyone will respect our privacy as we work through these very personal family matters.''
Records show he filed for divorce in Miami-Dade County on Dec. 10, asking the court to ``equally distribute'' all marital assets.
She filed her own divorce petition in Leon County on Dec. 11, alleging that the senator is defaulting on the mortgage of their $450,000 Miami home, where his relatives live, and spending her earnings. She wants a judge to ``unequally'' divide their assets.
Mrs. Diaz de la Portilla, whose maiden name is Davant, alleges in the petition that the senator's relatives are living in the Miami home off Southwest 19th Street - yet he ``does not believe that he is financially responsible.''
Mrs. Diaz de la Portilla also alleges that the senator is ``unable and unwilling to assist with the repair and upkeep'' of their Tallahassee home.
The couple married Sept. 28, 2003.
She alleges in her petition that she, ``to her detriment, has removed funds from retirement assets to reduce the Husband's debts at his urging.''
Sen. Diaz de la Portilla claimed a few years back that he was too cash-strapped to pay a $17,000 fine to the Florida Elections Commission for failure to comply with elections laws. During a hearing, a review of the senator's bank and credit-card statements depicted him as a big cash spender who frequents casinos in Biloxi and Las Vegas.

Miami Red Neck

Here is more info for you:

5)Absentee Ethics
Miami New Times - Aug 27, 1998
Alex Diaz de la Portilla, his brother and school board member Renier, and House contender Manuel Prieguez are offering to help voters obtain voting ...

6)Article: Carrie Meek outraged at accusations - Miami Times | HighBeam...
Pay-Per-View - Miami Times - HighBeam Research - Jul 6, 2004
Alex Diaz de la Portilla of criminal charges stemming from allegations that ... Alex Diaz de la Portilla to pay a record $311000 in fines for campaign ...

Miami Red Neck

D. Riley I sleep during the day I am a night watchman. So I have alot of time on my hand...


Pat Thomas

We don't want this type of politics in our district.

The question we must ask our selfs who can win the general election in November. In my eyes neither Rivera nor Alex DLP would be winners we need a Liberal Republican that has Dem. & Ind. cross over and that have a large base in CD 25 already.



We need to start fresh apart from the dirty Miami politics that Rivera and DLP have participated in. Carlos Curbelo is a fresh start and the right person to send to Washington to represent the 25th District. He is a strong candidate who will fight to solve the problems that our great state is facing.


Oh yes please DLP run for congress!!! You are so well known and adored by your constituents in Miami, I am sure they will all vote for you. Or do they remember you as you are more often out of district?

Please move to DC to give all of us a break from your antics.

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