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Nelson's 'soft whimpering noises' over NASA cuts

Says New York Times columnist Gail Collins: Still, how can you not be fascinated when the White House announces it wants to cancel plans to put an American on the moon by 2020? Weren't we already there? I have a distinct memory of watching a guy who looked a little like the Pillsbury Doughboy, planting an American flag in moon dirt back in 1969. The TV was black and white. Walter Cronkite was so excited...The White House wants to save $3.4 billion a year with a game-changing/paradigm-shifting space program that does not require any moon landings...Cutting a federal program is next to impossible because theres usually somebody who cares much more about keeping it than the White House does about making it go away. Senator Bill Nelson of Florida is already making soft whimpering noises about the NASA budget cuts, which will, if necessary, eventually rise to guttural howls.

Full column here.


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