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PSC to look into explosive allegations of misdeeds at FPL

Two letters from a group of anonymous high-level employees at Florida Power & Light, alleging they were forced to provide inaccurate and misleading information to regulators and shareholders by certain executives, has been filed and posted at the Public Service Commission. PSC Chairman Nancy Argenziano said the PSC "will not ignore them. We will look into it.'' Download FPLwhistleblower1 Download FPLwhistleblower2

When asked about the first letter, dated Jan. 20, FPL spokesman Mayco Villafana said "as a matter of policy, we do not comment on employee matters.'' A spokeman did not respond to requests for comment on the second letter, also received by the PSC.

The letter dated Feb. 3 to FPL Group chairman Lew Hay, and another dated Jan. 20, were received independently by the Miami Herald/St. Petersburg Times and have been verified as authentic. Hay sent a letter out to all employees in the past few days and he cited the Feb. 3 letter but blacked out the names of the FPL vice presidents, Eric Silagy, Tim Fitzpatrick and Wade Litchfield, whom the employees allege were responsible the alleged misdeeds. Hay's letter also links to the anonymous letter using an internal web site at FPL.

The employees tell Hay that among the allegations, the disgruntled employees have been forced by managers to:

* provide "selective, self-serving and inaccurate information to the PSC'' regarding the just completed rate case;

* "manipulate facts, data and information, and present half-truths for key messages and other communications used by us;

* "We were dishonest and deceptive with our stakeholders in trying to influence opinion leaders, politicians and customers."

* "to create, draft and manipulate facts" regarindg the failed gas pipeline request.

The employees allege that since losing the rate case, the company strategy is keep its expenses "artificially high" to help its chances for a second rate case next year. "The truth is we will all suffer,'' the employees write.

Last week, FPL staff throughout the company were interviewed by members of FPLs human resources and its legal department. The employees were asked to sign a confidentiality agreement saying they would not disclose what questions they were asked about or that they had been interviewed. They were told there would be no retribution if they would come forward with any allegations of wrongdoing, but they were required to sign a confidentiality agrement if they agreed to come forward. The employees said they wrote the Feb. 3 letter because "we are all scared for our jobs at this point" and they believe their actions are being monitored by FPL's corporate security.

Argenziano said the PSC had received the letters today and posted it on its web site. "It is important to remember they are anonymous,'' Argenziano said. "Sometimes anonymous letters may be written for vindictive purposes. These letters seem to have a lot of detailed information and the allegations are very serious. The PSC will try to find out if they are employees and, if they are, if they can be offered immunity.''

She said the PSC will ask Attorney General Bill McCollum to help decide if immunity can be offered to any FPL employees who come forward.


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Don't look for Bill McCollum to bite the hand of big time RPOF campaign contributors. There is clearly some fire under the smoke in this case but Nancy Argenziano may be the only Republican willing try to bring it out into the open. Questions about this type of alleged fraud case would be good fodder for the press to quiz the mulititude of AG candidates now running. One of them is going to win and should be on the record as to how they will protect whistle blowers and prosecute fraud.

Rene Castillo

This could very well open a Pandora's Box! If they really want to get at the truth they will find that this is not the first time FPL has lied willingly to the PSC. Tip look into the lies and accounts that were reported on the Storm restoration recovery case in 2006. Lying is part of doing business at FPL it goes on everyday. The management is rotten to the core. They have violated the public trust and their carter should be removed. Break up the Monopoly!!!


It's good to see that there are still people standing up and doing the right thing. I can see these people cannot stomach their corporate masters' wrongdoing anymore. These were probably 2 of the most well thought out letters I've seen in along time. I understand how they must feel being inside another monster organization with people who are virtually "clueless" to what they are doing. The greed factor inside FPL is to great. Lie at all cost to keep the shareholders happy. Typical bottom line mentality. Thank you for those who spoke out. It took a lot of guts to do what you people did. Thank you for taking pride in your company and realizing what is really important. I hope these people are well taken care of and don't lose there job for doing the right thing.


A power company does this to its regulators just as state agencies do this to the legislators when they meet in committees. Shocking ain't it, how the large organizations and the people running them act to protect their own largesse, privilege, and group interests?!

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