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Pulitzer-winning Jim Morin takes on Marco Rubio



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This would actually be accurate if not for the fact that CHARLIE CRIST is our Governor! Nice try.

Just sayin

As if "Pulitzer-winning" means anything to anyone outside the journalism elite...


There was a cartoon almost identical to this one with Charlie Crist after he announced for senator

Teresa Gavalda

Amen! But, would the voters remember his "accomplishments" when casting their votes?

George Blumel

There is no truth in that cartoon. To blame Rubio for the problems mentioned in that scurrilous hate message is pure partisan bile. Newspapers that print this stuff are losing circulation and they wonder why? Stick to facts, reasoned argument and constructive criticism and you might regain some respect. This is trash. If this guy was given a Pulitzer then that "prize" has no more dignity than the Nobel Peace Prize anymore.


Wait! The real scandal is that a cartoonist can win a Pulitzer.
The message of it of course is without merit.

Jeebus loves

Hey blowhards: Lest ye forget, Rubio was Speaker in the Florida legislature! It is the legislative branch that writes the laws, passes the tax laws, the tax breaks, the tax hikes, the cuts in education, accepts bribes for passing laws in their "constituents" favor, etc. As Speaker, Rubio Supported The “Guns At Work” Bill, Which Passed The Florida House And Eventually Became Law. RUBIO was a part of that. Is that what we need? More guns at work?
Get your government straight! Crist is part of the Executive branch, he does not legislate. He can't raise your taxes. Try boning up on some basic high school government before you sound off.


Beth just can't hide her dislike for Marco Rubio. this cartoon came out in the paper about a week ago which also shows that she doesnt read her own paper. Beth should be re-assigned to another beat because it is becoming painfully clear that she is biased.
When was the last time Beth wrote anything critical of Kendrick Meek? or any Democrat for that matter?

and dont get me started on Morin. Marco Rubio did everything he could to make this State and his Community Better but he was thwarted many times by guess who? Charlie Crist! look at several of the Property tax initiatives Rubio pushed while Speaker that Crist did not support until Rubio was gone and Crist could take credit for them himself.

Also, look at todays cartoon from Morin about Jackson Memorial Hospital. Jacksons failure have nothing to do with the U.S. healthcare debate it has all to do with mismanagement over the years by the Public Health trust. yet Morin chooses to imply that Republicans apposition of Health Care is some how related to Jacksons financial mess.

It is Republicans in the Legislature who have been fighting for years for extra dollars to support Jackson Memorial Hospital and stave off the inevitable situation that it finds itself in now.

Democratic Bias in Journalism is becoming almost laughable.

Jim Shoela

October 2009: Miami Herald Circulation Slips to Third in Florida, Down Nearly 50k Since Last Year.

Need you say more?

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