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RPOF vice chair to atty: No you di'int

And the back-and-forth continues over whether the outgoing chairman of the Republican Party of Florida, Jim Greer, cut a secret deal to get severance and legal protections.

Says vice chair Allen Cox to party attorney Jason Gonzalez:

You correctly state that you and I had conversations in December, which never came to any closure. In fact, after the initial contact in December you reported that no agreement was being reached about the resignation of Jim Greer. You are incorrect to state that I ever "approved" any such agreement, or there was a  "deal that I proposed". Your discussions with me were premature, at best, and absolutely inconclusive because you had no idea what would occur with Jim Greer, and you did not follow up any further withour discussions. You may not represent that I proposed or approved of any subsequent arrangement, which you, Cannon, Haridopulis, Thrasher, or others ultimately concluded. I was not informed nor a party to any of those discussions leading to Greer's resignation. You were not acting on any authority from me nor the Executive Board. You contended recently in your phone call to me that there is "no legally enforceable agreement", but you also stated  that you could offer no assurances that Greer might not bring acivil action against the Party.

I believe that an agreement was formed, and exists, and the truth will be revealed when Greer seeks its enforcement.