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Despite double-billing, Rubio fans still believe

Reaction from some vocal Marco Rubio fans to revelations that Marco Rubio double-billed Florida taxpayers and the Florida GOP for eight different flights from Miami to Tallahassee:

Club for Growth spokesman Michael Connolly: "Sounds like Marco is doing the right thing reimbursing taxpayers for the $3,000. Hopefully Gov. Crist can do the same thing about that $787 billion he owes us.”

RedState's Erick Erickson: "It doesn't give me any pause in supporting him.  Life happens and with it mistakes.  Considering the Executive Director of the Party spent as much in a month as Rubio did in multiple years, I don't think it is a big issue.  I can't wait for the open records acts on Charlie Crist's international travel and minibar raids.  Rubio's expenditures are peanuts in comparison."


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Miami Dem

And the Meek shall inherit the earth.


Sure, sure, sure...Keep thinking that. I'll raise my glass to you on our victory party in November. Go Rubio!

Rubio Needs to Apologize

Rubio's claim that he paid back the personal expenses is not adding up.

First, he is stonewalling. He is refusing to even identify which personal expenses he reimbursed.

Did he reimburse the Party for the $130 haircut? Or does he consider that a Party expense?

Did he reimburse the Party for the flight to Vegas to go to a family funeral? Or does he consider that a Party expense?

Did he reimburse the Party for the $1,024 that he paid the company that manages his real estate investment? Or does he consider that a Party expense?

And, by the way, is every flight to visit his wife and son in Miami at Party expense?

Anyone who says that they know Rubio repaid the Party all personal expenses is just making that up. We won't know until Marco comes clean.


OMG! Stop him at once before he jets off to Geneva and access his secret Swiss Bank account - Idiot!

It's not like they found thousands of dollars packed in his freezer like a former Democrat Congressman from Louisiana. Or they caught him trying to sell political offices to the highest bidder like a former Democrat Illinois Governor!

Get a grip and put things into perspective!

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